Hey all! I am proud to announce that I am now (officially) using Aquarian Drumheads & Accessories! I’ve used Aquarian Drumheads for years now, but I’m now an official endorser.

I’ve been using Aquarian Drumheads since 2008, when I was introduced to them by Randy Ramirez of Genesis Drums. When you get a kit from Genesis, it typically is shipped with Aquarian heads on it, and that was the case before I set out on tour in 2008 with The Aaron English Band and Xiren.

I quickly fell in love with the Super Kick II bass drum head, as well as the Super 2 Coated on the tom batters and Classic Clears on the resonant side. The heads are easy to tune and sound really good with minimal effort on your part, which is something I like in a head; I don’t want to spend all day tuning drums – I wanna’ PLAY the things! 😀

Through a series of “right place, right time” encounters — and courtesy of my friend Chris Newbury — I got to spend the day with the amazing Derico Watson back in November 2010. Derico was in town as a Guest Artist, doing a clinic and performance with Chris’ groups (Chris teaches at Hanford High School), and Chris ended up asking me to be Derico’s chauffeur for the day, which was great; I got to spend time kickin’ it with D all day long, and we formed a good friendship. (I’d been a fan of his for years, so it was surreal to be so personal with him – very rare that you get to do that with famous drummers normally).

Anyhow, through the course of the day, Derico asked me what gear I play, and I listed off my endorsements to him. When I didn’t list a drumhead manufacturer, he asked what heads I play and I told him primarily Aquarian – which got him excited, since that’s what he plays. He gave me an Aquarian t-shirt and said “this is just a symbol of good things to come, D”. Needless to say, he (very kindly) threw my name in the hat with the good folks at Aquarian, and along with Randy Ramirez mentioning my name to them a few weeks later, it helped get my foot in the door.

I had the pleasure this morning of speaking to Chris Brady, Aquarian’s A/R rep, and we had a great phone call. I told him about the lessons videos I’m getting ready to film, and how I’d like to feature Aquarian in an upcoming lesson I’m shooting on ‘Drum Tuning’. He was very accommodating and has gotten me all squared away today.

Once again, thanks to Randy Ramirez, Derico Watson, and everybody at Aquarian for your help. I’m excited to join the very distinguished family of Aquarian Drumheads artists.