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Aquarian Drumheads Endorsement image

Hey all! I am proud to announce that I am now (officially) using Aquarian Drumheads & Accessories! I've used Aquarian Drumheads for years now, but I'm now an official endorser. I've been using Aquarian Drumheads since 2008, when I was introduced to them by Randy Ramirez of Genesis Drums. When you get a kit from Genesis, it typically is shipped with Aquarian heads on it, and that was the case before I set out on tour in 2008 with The Aaron English Band and Xiren. I quickly fell in love with the Super Kick II bass drum head, as well as the Super 2 Coated on the tom batters and Classic Clears on the resonant side. The heads are easy to ...

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New Home Studio! image

After wishing I had the money to create a space to practice, teach lessons, and create music of all kinds, I've finally done it! My home studio is now complete, and I couldn't be more excited! It's been a bit of a process, but I've learned a lot over the past few months. I first decided that I was going to do this little project this summer while talking with my wife, who had just done some rearranging of our basement so that I could teach my local students from home. After a few weeks of lessons, she and I were downstairs looking at the unfinished basement space, and I told her that I wanted to dump some of my ...

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Things I Learned From Jeff image

It's not every day you get to hang out with a drummer of Jeff Hamilton's caliber, so you have to soak up as much info as you can in a short amount of time or you risk missing out on some great lessons.I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jeff Hamilton for an entire weekend recently. To me, Jeff is larger than life; he has played behind so many of the artists that I love and hold a great amount of respect for, but on top of that, he excels as a band leader and co-leader, and he is responsible for some of the best musical moments (in my mind) in jazz history. Spend 5 minutes with him, and ...

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Jeff Hamilton comes to town! image

It's one thing to lose your drum chair to some local guy who has better hands, but I'm more than willing to vacate if I'm being replaced by the great Jeff Hamilton! I've been getting my hands and sense of musicality in shape the last few weeks, preparing for the arrival of Jeff Hamilton and his trio. They are the Guest Artists for this year's Jazz Unlimited Festival here in the Tri-Cities, and I couldn't be more excited (and terrified!). The amount of respect I have for Mr. Hamilton is outrageous; for me, he is the definition of tasteful drumming - someone who is a real artist and a master of his craft. I've studied his playing for almost a ...

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A Sad Day Indeed standard

Back in 2007, I had the opportunity to share the stage with Marie Osmond, a tremendous gal with a big heart and lots of personality. My thoughts are with her today as I learn of the death of her son, Michael Blosil. I had the opportunity to meet Michael, and most of the other Osmond children, back in December of 2007. My memories of Michael extend further than most of the kids; it turns out that he had an interest in percussion, which we got a chance to talk about. During the afternoon rehearsals that preceeded the show, the Osmond children were popping up here and there around the arena, and at one point, Michael came on stage and ...

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NAMM, here I come! standard

I've been talking about it for years now, and it's finally going to happen: I'm heading to the NAMM Convention down in Anaheim, California! I got my official pass today and I am SO ready to make the trip! I booked my flight and rental car back in November in anticipation of the trip, and luckily, I have some great friends down there who live in Stanton, which happens to be right down the street from Anaheim, so I'm just going to couch surf with them for a day or two. (Thanks, Mike and Danielle!) This being my first NAMM show, I have been doing my research on what the whole vibe is like and what I can expect. My whole ...

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