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Norwegian Wood/Kashmir Medley video

I've been sitting on some footage for a while (figuratively), and I just can't do it any longer: I am too excited to share it with you! Check out the AEB mash-up of Norwegian Wood and Kashmir! Just like you would guess, it's a medley combining Norwegian Wood by The Beatles and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. The story behind this track is an interesting one: read on if you're interested. Otherwise, scroll down to watch the video. ;) I first met Aaron English in the Spring of 2003, just months before his All The Waters Of This World Tour. He drove 4 hours from Seattle just to meet me and audition me for his touring band. We hit it off immediately, ...

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GE 2.0: Groove 69 (Fast) video

The wait is over! I finally have a new drum video up on YouTube! I know it has been several months, guys, but I hope the wait is worth it. Tommy Igoe's "Groove Essentials" book/CD/DVD combos from Vic Firth and Hudson Music have been helping drummers all over the world find their groove for years now. As an educator, I am constantly being asked what books or CDs/DVDs I would recommend; the Groove Essentials and Groove Essentials 2.0 packages always jump into the top of my mind, and for a few good reasons: 1) THERE IS A WIDE VARIETY OF STYLES TO PLAY. If your goal is to be a great all-around drummer that can play in just about every genre ...

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