Hey all! I know, I know – it’s been 6 months since my last video upload to YouTube. Rest assured it hasn’t been because of laziness or lack of effort – in fact, just the opposite! I’ve been busting my hump to improve and test my home studio setup, which has proven to be a really challenging project – but so far, a very rewarding one.

Now that I’ve got almost everything dialed in, I figured I’d better do a quick video and show you guys what I’ve been up to since last we spoke.  😉

In October of last year, I decided that I wanted to pursue creating downloadable online drum lessons and create a home studio that I could create both the lessons and my YouTube videos in. I spent WAY too much money investing in my business (which is a good thing, really) and bought everything I thought I’d need: mixer, mics, stands, cameras, tripods, and so on. I did my best to soundproof my little studio and make it look presentable on camera, and started laying down tracks.

I’d record something, and then realize the levels weren’t right, so I’d adjust and re-record – to find out that only part of the video had come together because the camera battery ran out! It was always something, you know? That feeling where you feel like you’re the guy who’s out raking leaves in a hurricane?  🙂

I was recording into my laptop through my mixer, so I’d have to go back and mix the audio that I played along with into the video I shot and sync it all up in Sony Vegas (my video editing program), which was a pain. Then I realized that I didn’t love the quality of the video that I was getting, so I decided to invest in the next best camera (that I could afford). Then I realized the next best camera had an audio input jack on it, which meant I could eliminate the whole laptop setup, and record videos in real-time directly into the camera! (That was a nice little time-saving discovery.)

So, you get the picture: after months of screwing around with equipment and trying to find a good setup, I think I’ve finally got everything where I want it. I can do multi-cam operations now, and even do Skype drum lessons if I want to. I’m really happy I made the investment, all in all, and I hope you guys enjoy the fruits of my labors and help support my “drum habit” by watching my videos, commenting, and buying lessons as they become available.

Last week, after getting things dialed in for the last time, I decided it was time to break the silence and do a drum video for YouTube. I got turned on to Vic Firth’s Drum Play-Along Tracks in the Education section of their website a while back, and downloaded tons of great MP3’s and charts that I can play along to. (More videos to come, including Tommy Igoe’s “New Ground”, in the coming weeks!) You can go see all they have to offer by going here: http://www.vicfirth.com/education/drumset/playalongtrack.php

(In the video below, I’m using my newfound love, the American Jazz AJ1 stick: nice and beefy, but light as a feather. Great all-around stick.)

Anyhow, enough yapping: check out the video below, and leave a comment, why don’cha?  😀